Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I'm not a robot OST

Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success, but lives an isolated life due to his allergy of people. He then meets and falls in love with a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her ex-boyfriend, a genius robots professor.


32 Episodes

Release Date:
06 December 2017

Jung Dae Yoon

Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, Uhm Ki Joon, Park Se Wan, Song Jae Ryong

Click below to website to watch this drama:

I love this drama so much that I decided to compile a list of songs that are hits from this drama. 
Hope all of you will enjoy it!!! 

1) Something 0.00
2) Do you know me 3:20
3) Words of my heart 6:56
4) Loving heart 12:05

Below is a full OSTs at my youtube channel that I edited,
Check it out!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rasa Utara @ Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

 was established  to highlight the beauty of  
northern Malaysian cuisine. 

with that intention,
Rasa Utara
forged ahead with the dream of expanding to the rest of

Starting of with the
Four King of Spices that should try if you're here,
(all may seem spicy, but its actually not and suitable for all to try)

Ayam Rendang Utara. - Herby
Its a traditional northern rendang recipe. 
The chicken was marinated with aromatic herbs and spices.
This dish's taste favor towards more to herbs over spice.
And they have really good thick gravy that you can mix and match with rice!

Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda. - Spicy
I understand why its the best seller here.
Its a taste you don't get often in KL.
The chicken was deep fried first and topped it with
homemade blended chili paste that were slowly fried and stirred for few hours.
You would enjoy the crispy ness from the chicken along with the unique taste with it.

Kari Ikan Rasa Utara. - Soury
They used spanish mackeral fish which called ikan tenggiri in malaysia.
They cooked using mild curry powder with mustard seed cinnamon, finished with tamarind juice.
This is like a fusion of our local dhal that you eat in mamak, and curry.

Nari Rasa Utara- Sweety
Its a dish that serves ayam masak merah.
The chicken was marinated with spicy herbs and spices.
The taste is more towards sweetness that allows reasonable level of spiciness.
Ordering a set for this, you will have fish crackers, vegetables, and soup with potato fritter.

Apart from those above,
Totally recommend their signature desserts!
For people who love santan,
be happy,
because this place is very generous with their santan pouring!

Cendol Rasa Utara
Our local favorite! 
Made of nice shavings, coconut milk, Cendol (the ones in green), red beans 
and lots of sweet gula melaka syrup (palm sugar). 
Totally perfect dessert to end the dining experience here. 

Sago Gula Melaka.
Sago it's usually small tiny balls, but they put real good efforts putting it together.
And caramelized it with coconut milk & gula melaka!
The texture will be like a sticky-ish jelly.

Ubi Kayu Rasa Utara
I doubt u can find people making this in KL.
it's a simple dishes comes from boiled potato with
gula melaka and coconut milk.
But this dessert is kind of heavy after mains,
suggest to share it or order only the cendol or sago to try if you're almost bloated.

Desserts are my favorite! 

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Movida Seremban @ D'Tempat Country Club, Seremban

Launching their three Course set Menu recently by
MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban
to celebrate the event of the year

The offer starts from  24th till 30th of December 2017.
With affordable prices provided,
*minimum 2 persons* are required to dine in to enjoy.

Let's not waste any more time!

Sliced Smoked Salmon Rolled With Cucumber
It's stuffed with cream cheese & Ebiko.
Great combination of freshness and flavor.

Rich & Creamy Tomato Basil Soup.
It really is, this may be a little heavy for ladies to finish.

For starter I would suggest for gentlemen to go for this and ladies to go for smoked salmon roll. 

Main Course
Favorite of all, Grilled BBQ Chicken.
served with garden pasta sauce & barbecue spicy Sauce.
Well grilled, such tender and meaty chicken they provide!

Their signature Blue Berry Cheese Cake.
Serving you at cold temperature, it's the perfect dessert to end it with.

While you're having a romantic lovely moment with
MOVIDA Kitchen+Terrace, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban,
you can also enjoy a superb view in front of it.

Their Olympic sized pool.

After done with the three course set,
spend some time with your family or loved ones,
to enjoy facilities offered by d'Tempat Country Club.

and enjoy wonderful Christmas activities and decorations prepared!
More details click at the link below,

Come drop by and make this event a memorable one!

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White Christmas @ D'Tempat Country Club, Seremban


Christmas is already a very special day, 
but today, at
d'Tempat Country Club 
they are making a white Christmas theme!

d'Tempat Country Club
 was established three years ago, but not many people knows about it.

It was my first experience there as well.
They have a full range of facilities and amenities, 
including an Olympic-sized swimming pool with aqua gym, a bowling alley, badminton, tennis and squash courts, fitness centre, and a host of dining options.

Also, they have a spacious ballroom and multiple function halls which 
make d'Tempat Country Club  the ideal place for weddings, events and special celebrations.

Their building, sprawled across 6.33 acres amidst a verdant landscape.

Front entrance, welcoming all locals and tourist from all around to come!

Decorations set up in the Club House.

 Every year,
they do massive activities for public to enjoy and cherish.
It gets bigger and exciting every year! 
It's all the way till the last day of 2017.

Superb spot to come at night! Shots taken here will be crazy beautiful.

This is their White Christmas Tree

Cute Deers all around the club.

And even soldiers!

Huge giant tree decorated in the middle of the club house.

Its 9 days away left till end of 2017,
make your year a memorable one by
dropping by here to enjoy their lovely activities prepared by them!

Looking forward to see you all there :D

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Caprilicious @ Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur

Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle at Capri!

The time of the year has arrived, Christmas decorations & vibe all up in


Cute Little Santa.

Beautiful decorations around the area, good spot to get yourself selfie or wefie. 

This time they are making a High Tea Session with Christmas Theme.

Serving all types of different desserts that specially cater to the theme!

Loving this Green Tea Fruit Tards.
They topped it with fresh dragon fruits, grapes and strawberries.
So refreshing.

What's Christmas without these sweet coookieesss!

They even have Yule Log!!! 
They are made of a sponge roll layered with cream.
The outside is covered with icing and decorated to look like a bark-covered log.
Amazing efforts poured!

Besides desserts, they also serves foods.

Salmon Puff.
It can be served with well mixed tartar sauce.

Crispy fries that release aroma that made that environment hungry just by smelling it!

I found a few good ending desserts.

Peach Cake.

Raisin Cake. 

Drop by on 25/12/17 ( Monday) 12pm- 4pm ,
to celebrate such meaningful event with your love ones here in
Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur.

Will be a great place to put in your watch out list! 

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