Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cao Cao Lamb @ Old Klang Road

One of the famous food that couldn't be missed out in old klang road 
is the 
famous Cao Cao Grilled Lamb.

Not like other grill chicken, pork, beef & etc... 
that mostly served in a fine dining restaurant,
Their stall operates by the road side next to a row of shoplots. 
This place is always lively whenever opened, 
also there are about 4-5 other stalls being placed around the area. 
Food like char kueh teow, wan tan mee, yong tau foo, prawn mee are being served. 
But of course, 
this stall is still the main attraction of the location. 

Master piece. 
Couldn't find any better grilled lamb chop in klang valley.
The portion is sufficient enough for two - three for tasting, 
or could be feeling if served for one person.
The meat was evenly divided into pieces to convenience their customers to eat each within a bite.
With such consideration, 
customers could enjoy without putting too much of trouble dissecting it.   

Their flavor is rich due to their secret marination technique with a little bit of smoked taste. 
What is good is that they don't over cook or under cook their meat. 
You won't find much of the burnt meat while eating like what you see above. 
All I could just say is that they are just simply too 
tender and juicy!!!
You could feel high just by chewing it.
The mixture of the tender meat with a little of the fats in it, 

One thing to take note, even for a lamb eater like me, 
I personally think there is a strong lamb smell. 
For those who couldn't take it, 
home made mint sauce is provided for you to dip with. 
The sauce is a little spicy and sour at the same time. 
After dipping it, it could be strong enough to cover the lamb smell 
but not too strong to cover the delicious flavor.

Restaurant details

Address: Jalan Sawi, Taman Goodwood, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Operation hours: 6pm -11.30pm.
Contact: 012-320 6681

And with that, it pretty much sums up everything. Thank you for your time reading!! :D

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