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Memorie Cafe @ Midfields Square West

πŸ“’πŸŒˆA secret treasure is slowly shining out in Sungai Besi, a place where we called Memorie Cafe 

View from outside.

They have a GG (Grab & Go) area where its like a drive through style.

Things over here are piece and puzzle of their old memories, 
sharing as a reminder to cherish everyone's moment, for sweet remembrance in the future.

Menu of the place. 

All interior designs are done by owners themselves. 

The πŸ  founded as a πŸž shop at first, but soon enough, with the huge πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§supports from the public, 
the πŸ  started venturing into homemade πŸ”πŸ•πŸ₯—πŸ as well. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

πŸ’žFirst of all, the name Memorie cafe was πŸ’­concept of a place to keep beautiful memories of  together from all different countries. They love  and πŸ΄ at the same time. They infused these memories and formed into οΌ—lovely breakfast/brunch set πŸŽ to hope more people could experience it.

1⃣ πŸ”ΉHainanese Toast with Kampung Half Boiled EggπŸ”Ή
Usually πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ’•οΌοΌ now ➥πŸ’²οΌ™•οΌ–0 πŸ’–
This is one of the first dishes that they came out with, because they were brought up in the Chinese family, most of the morning they used to take toast πŸž with half boiled πŸ₯š serving with a cup of  for breakfast. It's so crispy on the πŸž itself, while smelling strong aroma from the .

2⃣ πŸ”ΉPolo Bun With Butter, Egg Tard, Milk Tea or Ying YongπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ”•οΌ™οΌ now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ‘•οΌ™οΌ πŸ’–
The hot & crispy polo bun, adding that tasty egg tard at the side, plus that homemade Teh Tarik. Sweet combo! You can see the butter melt slowly as you placed the polo bun untouched for too long! Memories from πŸ‡­πŸ‡°.

3⃣ πŸ”ΉItaly Spagetti Memorie & Ice Lemon TeaπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ’οΌ’•οΌ˜οΌ now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ˜•οΌ’οΌ” πŸ’–
Lots of restaurant πŸ  prepared this πŸ in the most simplest way. But  to this cafe. They took extra miles to rewardπŸ’ their customers by adding more cherry tomatoes, cabbage and Parmesan cheese around the aglio olio!! Great efforts poured there.

4⃣ πŸ”ΉFrench Croissant, European Toast, Long Black & JuiceπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ’0•οΌ˜οΌ now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ–•οΌ–οΌ• πŸ’–
The πŸ₯ comes with total 16 layers πŸ₯ using 4⃣ days to produce each unitJust imagine the crispinessπŸ˜‚.Then, coffee of beans from Australia that releases strong aroma. Topping with their famous signature fresh πŸŒ΄tropical explosion drink. Healthy yet filling. Need not me to say the memories from where.

5⃣ πŸ”ΉNasi Memorie & Ice Lemon TeaπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ’οΌ‘•οΌ”0 now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ—•οΌ‘0 πŸ’–
This is the one and only nasi lemak memorie. It's a fusion of cultures in local. First, the πŸ— is so flavor rich, using only thigh as their servings to bring maximum tenderness. Then, they also served with their home made fish paste on top of the rice, giving strong aroma. Not forgetting, they are bringing out the long lost traditional azar as well, keeping the tradition going🌞.

6⃣ πŸ”ΉEurope Baguette Sandwish & LatterπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ’οΌ’•οΌ˜οΌ now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ˜•οΌ’0 πŸ’–
It may seem like a normal πŸž, but in fact, you couldn't imagine how crispy is the πŸž! Serving will beautifully made art πŸŒΏ on the coffee, bringing strong smell aroma around and it's super healthy being so much vegetables being placed in and out of the food. Omg. Just the type of healthy meal to start the day!

7⃣ πŸ”ΉAmerican Breakfast Memories & Ice Lemon TeaπŸ”Ή.
Usually πŸ’²οΌ’οΌ‘•οΌ—0 now ➥πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ—•οΌ“0 πŸ’–
This is not in the menu yet but felt so happy that I could try it first. What's special about this? Do you love cheese? Yes I do. They mixed the cheese with mushroom!!! Omg. That stickiness while enjoying the cheese flavor all over your mouth. While there is glowing omelette awaiting for you with that freshly vegetables prepared aside.

8⃣ πŸ”ΉAmerican Breakfast πŸ”Ή
Only πŸ’²οΌ‘οΌ“.80 πŸ’–
Bringing back some american style of breakfast with premium smoked turkey bacon, scrabble egg or omelette cheese egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and Europe walnut toast bread. Its a reasonable price to pamper yourself!

Apart from sets above,
They also have 2 dishes that are specially made upon customers request.

Garlic Sea - Perch Fish (ηŸ³η”²ι±Ό) 
Serving with soft meat fish with assorted cheese with sliced potato known as dauphinoise potato. 
Adding with cold fresh salad as well.

Grilled Manirated Chicken Chop - RM15.50
Serving with soft meat fish with assorted cheese with sliced potato known as dauphinoise potato. 
Adding with cold fresh salad as well.

☎️+60 12-257 4848
πŸ“B1-11, Jalan 11/108c, Midfields Square West, Taman Sungai Besi, 57100 Sungai Besti, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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the upcoming events so you wont missed again. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ 


And with that, it pretty much sums up everything. Thank you for your time reading!! :D

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