Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chiba Ramen @ Taman Cheras

I would say that I hit a jackpot today, or maybe it's better than that.


I found a place that serves real good ramen yet CHEAP!!!

Doesn't this itself makes you feel so excited to try out already?

This shop stand out the most among all other shops around with their unique decorations.

From far, you will know that it's definitely this shop. 

It's Chiba Ramen we are talking about, 
The cheapest ramen in town that comes with good quality served as well. 
The owner started this place with the intention of bringing more varieties to the locals with the price offered. Usually, to have ramen, a minimum RM20 is a must but it's a NO NO over here.
You will know how much it cost as when you read further below.

Let's not waste anymore time, I'll start introducing some great stuffs to you.

No.1 best seller dish in the shop.
Using perfect lean meat proportional to its fats to cook along, having all the juice flowing into the soup. Topping with sliced black fungus, vegetables and half  boiled egg at the side.
Super recommended to order this dish. 

It was prepared specially to cater those who prefer saltiness in the dish. 
having sliced marinated pork, soft boiled egg, seaweed and 
ending the finishing touch with fried garlic above.

Even though I personally think it's not really that spicy but its the spiciest among all. 
They added sliced pork with some fresh corns and veges to cook along, 
therefore, you can taste some sweet & natural taste in the soup.

If you feel like trying something fun today, go for this. 
While it's cold below, 
they have a slight warm steamed pork and sliced cucumber above,
splashing some home recipe sesame above. 

 They serve rice as well.
 This grilled pork rice is the best among all other rice dishes.
It's packed with PORK MEATS and a cute little half boiled egg at the middle. As first I thought it might be dry at below, but they've actually poured some home made sauce before topping those ingredients above. Surprise within another surprise huh? Well done!

Despite great main dishes offered, my eyes couldn't get off from their side dishes as well.

The must order side dish, BO GYOZA - Pan fried dumplings. 
This is japanese styled dumplings. It may looked soggy from here, but trust me, its crispy.
I took one to eat straight when its being serve and purposely left the other three aside for awhile.
and it's still crispy after that!

POTATO SARADA. - Potato Salad
It's a refreshing to order after having those spicy and fried foods above.
It's cold when its being served.
But no worries, it's being made every morning to keep it's freshness at top.

Pan seared Chicken served with Spicy Garlic Sauce.
Some may prefer chicken over pork, this could be a BOMB to you.
it's crispy yet having strong flavor around. 

Deep fried Pork Cutlet 
They had some home made sauce to pair with, and it fits really well together!

 Look how delicious it is from the picture, and in fact IT IS.

All dishes that I've introduced above are below RM 10.......O....M....G...

So happy that I found such place. 

Much blessing to the owner, in opening more outlets in future, 
so more people could try such tasty yet affordable prices!!!

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And with that, it pretty much sums up everything. Thank you for your time reading!! :D


  1. Yumyum looks so delicious! I would like to try most of the Ramen here. Gosh you are making hungry now :D

    1. Thank you for dropping by! Do come back more often :D

  2. Oh mine the Ramen looks so yummy. Muat try leh

    1. Thank you for dropping by! Do come back more often :D

  3. Wow this looks like a really interesting place to eat Ramen. I would love to try all these tempting Ramens, especially TONKOTSU RAMEN their No.1 best seller.

    1. yes!! reasonable price with quality flavour

  4. Oh my. I know a group of my friends will be happy to eat at this amazing Chiba Ramen. Thanks for your recommendation of the place.

  5. Under RM10 for each dish is a really OMG moment lah. Really where to find? Not even in Ipoh!

    1. haha i know right. I just came back from there, couldn;t see any

  6. I love Ramen! They have soo many varieties and flavor to choose! Looks so yummy =)