Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee @ Damansara Uptown

This newly renovated Wan Tan Mee shop been a topic for locals around here recently.

There's few wan tan mee shops nearby, 

but those with worthy experience is just one or two.

Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee definitely falls in between the worthy ones.  

The business have closed down since 1996 and now reopening again in 2017.

They are always known for their CHAR SIEW & WANTON MEE.

The char siew, look at the texture. 
The roasted level outside is just nice, topping with 
little sweetness coated over it, and their meat aren't too dry either. 
As a Char Siew expect, taking half fats & half lean area is the best!!!

Siew York, have a little saltiness in the overall area and its CRISPY at the top of the skin. 

Using the right chicken, adding with home recipe, 
you can see just how smooth is the chicken. 

 They have the roasted version too! Portion given is real humble. 

They even serve duck. Each type of meat offered above, can be accompanied with a bowl of rice. 

 If you're not a fan for rice for the day, don't worry! 
You can go for their WanTan Noodles with Char Siew or you can also try this!!! 
Pork ball noodles. 
All handmade on daily basis, sprinkled with fried onions, welsh onion and toufu skin and some vegetables at the side. 

Apart from main dishes,  rare side dishes that are rarely found in this area are being served here as well.

the owner mentioned that they want to take this opportunity to continue share this recipe to more so that more people could try it at least once in their life. 

Pork Knuckle Vinegar.
I was so happy to see this, as I personally love this dish.
The taste of it gave me a home feel like back in those when my grandmother was still around.
Not many people could actually bring out the real taste of it,
but they certainly did.
Strong vinegar & ginger taste.

Fans of chicken feet, they would love this new fusion.
Peeling off the skins and mixing it with Thai Style where
you can taste something out of normal.
A bit of sour and spicy flavor. 

Braised mushroom with chicken feet. 
This is always one of the favorite side dishes for Wan Tan Mee lovers. 

Enough of meats, 
They offer a wide rage or vegetables as well. 
It's fresh and taste equally lovely. 

Glad to have a chance to experience this home feel again. 

Will definitely drop by again for more!

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And with that, it pretty much sums up everything. Thank you for your time reading!! :D


  1. It look so delicious & yummy. Is it halal....

  2. Wow looks delicious and healthy for me. I want to try it when I visit the place.

  3. yea.. been to this place for makan makan before


  4. dang.. the food looks so good... I am feeling hungry now

  5. All the food heres looks so delicious! Don't mind dropping by =)